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From event support to health screening, we combine experience, expertise and an enviable track record to deliver the level of service you demand.

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Medical response requirement for a festival, sporting event or other large-scale public gathering? Occupational health screening for a commercial organisation? Lifestyle, fitness or gym screening? Trust MyMedic Healthcare to deliver.

Our leadership team has a long history of providing NHS urgent and emergency services as well as event medical provision, including the ongoing provision of CQC-registered healthcare and regulated clinical training. We’ve combined that expertise with the technology and large database of clinicians behind MyMedic to bring you MyMedic Healthcare, serving the events and broader healthcare sphere.

Our approach is quality-led and we provide event-specific training to all our medics, ensuring they’re able to handle any and all situations confidently.

So, whatever your requirement, you can rest assured that MyMedic Healthcare has the experience and skills to offer you complete peace of mind

MyMedic Healthcare event support

Event support

MyMedic follows a quality cycle approach for each and every event we cover. This ensures events are delivered on time and to specification, along with robust evaluation of activity during the event to guide future events.

  1. Plan: We work with you to understand your event needs and then produce a bespoke medical plan.
  2. Prepare: We arrange staffing, information sharing and equipment for the event, including specific event induction and information for the clinical team.
  3. Deliver: We ensure staff and equipment are on site at the right time, deliver the service professionally and to the specification, including the collection of activity information
  4. Evaluate: We analyse actual performance and medical incidents against the plan in order to prodice an event evaluation to share with you. This includes suggested changes for future events and a complete summary of any incidents.

Healthcare support

As established NHS healthcare providers, the MyMedic Healthcare team has a strong track record of delivering screening services which were used at scale during the COVID pandemic.

These services have evolved to include the provision of robust and flexible health screening to the fitness, lifestyle and occupational health sectors.

Our model is for delivery on-site, and we have established relationships with gyms and other commercial organisations.

Healthcare support
How MyMedic Healthcare works

How it works

Perhaps you're new to event organisation and need advice on the level of support and how many medics you’ll need. Or maybe you''re a seasoned organiser who knows your exact requirement.

Maybe you're a company needing support with occupational health screening or a gym looking for a new revenue stream alongside adding more support for your members.

Whatever your situation, we'll work with you to agree what’s needed and to establish costs for a suitable solution.

Our services are 100% tailored to your requirements, so the first thing to do is to talk to us about what you need.

Why choose MyMedic Healthcare?

  • 20 plus years experience as a healthcare provider of NHS and event services
  • We understand the pressures of delivering services and events, so design cover you can rely on
  • We train our medics specifically for each event to ensure they know exactly what is required and are well supported
  • The MyMedic database of clinicians means we can ensure staffing for your event
  • Event-specific training for our medics that includes relevant sporting and national guidance for specific injuries
  • Full compliance to NHS standards - MyMedic is an NHS framework provider
  • A quality cycle approach to each event
  • A medical partner you can trust and that works with national sporting bodies

Find out more.

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