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We do the hard work so you don’t have to

There are lots of agencies out there all offering quality temporary staff at a competitive price.
So why choose MyMedic? What makes us different?

We know that reliability, capability and productivity are key when you need temporary staff to fill a sudden gap in your rota. You also need to know that all the appropriate compliance is in place and available to you and your regulators.

So you need to be able to trust your agency to select, prepare and send suitable staff so that they arrive on time, have had the correct induction, and are ready to help from the start of their shift.

To support those needs, we have created a unique recruitment process that includes thorough screening,
a bespoke MyMedic skills induction, virtual induction to your department and digital bookings, so workers always know when and where they need to be.

Why choose our service?

Our carer’s division is part of MyMedic, the award winning healthcare staffing platform. MyMedic is a digital-first staffing service with a friendly office team.

Since its launch in 2017 MyMedic has been trusted to support health care services across the UK with their temporary staffing needs and is part of the NHS Temporary Staffing Framework.

  • Robust and demanding screening process. This includes skill filters to ensure that people we send match your requirements
  • Unique MyMedic skills induction so that you can trust us with your service users
  • Robust Carer Code of Conduct to ensure they meet your standards
  • Quality uniform and dress code
  • Book online, by phone or by email
  • 100% compliance guaranteed, with 1-Click document download
  • Online tracking for budgets and reporting
  • Invoicing, admin and more handled by our custom-built, online MyMedic platform
Why choose MyMedic Carers Division?
MyMedic Induction

MyMedic induction

Our internal skills induction has been developed by leading educationalists to ensure that staff you select have the skills necessary to care for your services users responsibly, and act professionally as a representative of your organisation.

Local virtual inductions can be developed for your departments that enable the temporary workers to be productive as early as possible on their first shift.

Content includes
Professional caring · MyMedic Code of Conduct · Framework for Practice · Care plan · Medication and other documentation · Handling plans · Ethical practice · Reflective practice · Handover of a specific service user to other health care professionals · SBARD · Recognition of the deteriorating service user · Soft signs associated with Sepsis · DRABC · Base line observations · React to Red · Infection control precautions · Personal wellbeing

Our recruitment process at a glance

Our unique four-stage recruitment and registration process ensures you have the best care staff available along with fully documented compliance for your regulatory requirements.


Including CVs, DBS and reference requirement.

Our screening process is robust and in line with all the requirements of the NHS safer recruitment and temporary staffing framework.


Individual assessment via 1-to-1 interview.

We interview each candidate in person to ensure they have the attributes necessary to work in demanding and sometimes unfamiliar organisations as a temporary worker.


Bespoke induction to ensure quality and high standards.

Our unique induction provides the skills to act professionally and provide high quality care.


100% assured, 100% private & confidential.

Our digital platform has been tested over many years, handling several hundred temporary workers, to ensure 100% compliance with all the mandatory and document compliance you need.

Find and book carers. Fast.

Find out how MyMedic can help streamline your organisation. Just contact us via the form below, give us a call on 0330 043 2464 or email